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This is how the story begins…

In Narratives on February 9, 2010 at 6:48 pm

I am a 20-something Christian who’s attracted to the same gender, experiences conflict in my bi-cultural identity, and in a healthy and lively relationship with someone of the opposite gender… and boy do I have a story to tell you.

I discovered my attraction for the same gender when I was young. The Christians at the church I went to (whether they knew about it or not) treated me like a second class citizen because I think differently. I grew out of that part of my life, though, with a lot of self-discovery and learning under my belt. I could tell you the rest (and everything in my blog will be a telling of sorts). But really, all I’m getting at in this particular space is that every gay person deserves to be love and deserve for their story to be honoured. I’ve learned that Christians are the worst at this, since I continue to be a victim of hate. If you’re a church goer reading this, know that I am the one that’s been tolerating the church’s hate and ignorance. And I forgive. Yes. Just like that. Not because it is deserved or has been earned. But just because I want to.

I firmly believe that we need a generation where the title Christian doesn’t remind people of “hate” or “friggin’ homophobes”. Rather, one day, the title Christians will remind people of “Love”. Real, ridiculous, inconvenient, and consuming Love.